New Orleans Style - Louisiana Cafe Minnesota.
New Orleans Style - Louisiana Cafe Minnesota.
The Louisiana Cafe is part of a small chain here in Minnesota, and they all share a love of a hearty breakfast. My wife and I go often, and I'll tell you about one of my favorite breakfasts from there, the "Cajun Breakfast". It varies by region of course, but the standard Yankee breakfast relies much more on carbs than meat, and this breakfast is a good example. A huge portion of hash browns is fried in butter with green bell pepper, onion and mushroom. Then it's covered in cheddar cheese, two eggs and hollandaise sauce, and finished with a sprinkling of Cayenne pepper. Yes, it's spicy. The first time I ordered it, the eggs were quite runny - and though I don't usually object to that, with the Hollandaise sauce, it's a little too much runny egg yolk for my tastes. This was ordered with the eggs over-hard. It comes with a choice of toast, and I usually order a hearty whole-wheat. You can order Andouille sausage with this breakfast, which is the pattie you see in the corner. Andouille is spicy Cajun pork sausage, with generous amounts of cayenne and garlic. They make this sausage locally, and though it's expensive ($3.50 US for the side), it makes the dish. I find that I eat only the eggs and hashbrowns directly under them, since that's just way too much hashbrowns for even a big fellow like me. My plate looks like a cookie cutter stamped out the middle when I'm done. The seasoning in the hashbrowns is considerably milder than you would expect - I'd guess they rely on the bell pepper, onion and mushroom to give it flavor, though it's a bit bland for my tastes. The Hollandaise sauce is fantastic, as this chain is known for its eggs
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