Cafe Sofia, Wexford St
Cafe Sofia, Wexford St
I have been going to Cafe Sofia in Wexford St for my breakfast on and off for some seven or eight years now. In fact when I started going there first it was called something else. I can't remember what. When I started going there first the breakfast they produced was the perfect Irish breakfast. It cost five pounds and was available all day. Over the years the quality has deteriorated a fair bit. The pudding has been phased out and extra chips have taken their place. The egg is of variable quality. It used to be sunny side up every time, with the yolk just right for dipping. You can still be lucky sometimes but it's not guaranteed anymore. I get the jumbo breakfast when I'm here which is seven euro and includes tea and toast. I've never gotten the regular breakfast, but in my opinion there's just about enough in the jumbo. It usually consists of two rashers, three sausages, an egg, beans and chips. The breakfast there is still good. It's just that it used to be great.
The Venue
Cafe Sofia
Wexford St
Dublin 2
Sean McGoldrick