Andy\'s sausage and rasher omlette
Andy's sausage and rasher omlette
I made this omelette as we had a few sausages left over. It tasted great, so I thought I'd review it. It is a 3 egg omelette, with two sausages and one slice of bacon. The sausages were already cooked, cold and sliced into circular slices. The bacon was chopped into small squares and fried until crisp in a little olive oil. The eggs were whisked until airy and a splash of water, salt, pepper and mixed herbs added. I heated the pan with the rasher in it up hot and poured the egg mix in and then sprinkled the sausage slices evenly. Using a fork I pulled in the edges and then when it was almost done added a little cheese and folded it in the pan. Served with a large mug of tea. Delicious, quick and cheap.
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