Declans Sandwich Bar, Bolton Street
Declans Sandwich Bar, Bolton Street
Best Breakfast Roll in Dublin The question of who makes the best breakfast roll in Dublin is a highly controversial one. It is up there with politics and religion; often better not to express your own opinion until you have established that of everyone else in your company first. Of course it's a subjective one too and it depends on various factors, such as whether you consider a breakfast roll without an egg to be eligible. Nevertheless, I have to jump in and offer my opinion: The best breakfast roll in Dublin is in Declans Sandwich Bar on Bolton St. I have heard it called Fat Declans too. The owner, Declan, is a large man who practically takes up all the space behind the check-out counter. He certainly knows his stuff about breakfast rolls. I first discovered it when I used to work around the corner from it and I used to get a roll there for my lunch. It was recommended to me by someone who lived next door to it and who basically lived off them. This is not just a breakfast roll. This is a Breakfast Roll. It has two rashers, one very large sausage almost six inches long cut down the middle, black pudding, a runny egg and choice of red or brown sauce. All served in a soft roll and costing €3.60. It is the standard to which I compare all other breakfast rolls. If you're going in there at lunch time you often have to face some pretty substantial queues. It is well patronized by the students from the local college and by builders from the local sites. However the staff are very efficient and get through everybody very quickly. The hours are good too. I have often passed by there at 6.30 in the morning and found them already open for business.
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Declans Sandwich Bar
Bolton Street
Dublin 1
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