Sunflower Cafe - Headford
Sunflower Cafe - Headford
Headford is bustling on a Saturday morning so it was great to slip out of the hub-bub into the Sunflower Cafe on Main Street for a bite to eat.

We were greeted with a big smile and a welcome in a lovely thick Galway accent, the likes of which I hadn't heard since listening to "Breakfast with Hector" on the drive over (Your Navan one is long gone Hector!).

We had baby in tow and there were a couple of high chairs to pick from, and the girl behind the counter brought one over and thoughtfully moved stuff around so we had space and knives etc. were out of babies reach.

The menu was quite extensive, but being breakfast reviewers it had to be the full Irish Breakfast. This was ordered with tea and toast. The tea arrived in a big pot that would have been sufficient for three, but for one. Two slices of thick toast arrived shortly afterwards. So far so good.

As we waited for the main dish the place started to fill up and there was a real friendly buzz about the place, all smiles and nods of hello, and friendly banter about the weather and whatnot.

The breakfast came quick enough and was great - two eggs, two rashers, two sausages, hash brown and a thick slice each of both black and white pudding. All full of flavour and cooked just right.

We got up to leave with smiles on our face, which got bigger when I found this feast was a mere 8.20 (including both the tea and toast too). One thing is for sure - we will be there again.
The Venue
Sunflower Cafe
Main St., Headford