T.P. Smyths, Jervis Street
T.P. Smyths, Jervis Street
T.P. Smiths is situated on the corner of Abbey Street and Jervis Street on the north side of the Liffey and was formerly known as Keatings. From the outside it looks pretty much like a standard pub but inside it is a different story. The first thing you'll notice upon entering is the 'swirly' bronze staircase and the amount of space inside. The pub has an upstairs-downstairs layout to it, with a shiny copper/brass circular staircase connecting them. This staircase is the main feature of the pub and more than one head has been smacked against this as a result of not ducking quickly enough! We often meet for lunch in T.P. Smyths, and because we were about to head off on holidays decided to go mad and have their full Irish breakfast. Our expectations were high, as they serve delicious lunches. To start, the service was warm, welcoming and prompt. The staff are the old world sort which is so rare these days - always a smile and attention to every detail of your needs. The breakfast was pure perfection: two slices of both black and white pudding, half a grilled tomato, some crispy thin chips, a fried egg, baked beans, a rasher, mushrooms and a sausage. This feast came with a couple of slices of toast and a coffee. We were happy there was no work to go to, as we had trouble moving for about an hour afterwards! This is definitely going to make the 'Breakfasts to eat before you die' list.
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T.P. Smyths
Jervis Street
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