Munchies, IFSC
Munchies, IFSC
As anyone who works in the IFSC knows, this is almost a city within a city. The whole IFSC area of Dublin is filled with new shops, restaurants, venues bars and business. To feed the mass of over 10,000 financial workers here there are a huge number of different sandwich and hot lunch selling spots. One of the popular ones is Munchies just beside Georges Dock. This tiny little shop has generally got five girls flying the sambos out the door. The elaborate menu is chalked above the counter in New York Deli style and the orders are placed from a fast moving queue which curls around the venue from order to payment. I went for a Munchi Brunchy which is a toasted chiabatta bread with fried egg, sausage and bacon (I got them to hold the optional relish). It was heavenly. Really. Hard to describe how good it was. Quite expensive at €5.65 but apart from that no complaints. And with the Christmas market in Georges Dock for the next few weeks you can treat yourself to one while picking up a few last stocking fillers!
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