Dublin International Airport
Dublin International Airport
When you are travelling you often find yourself rushing off at the crack of dawn only to have to wait hours in the airport. Luckily Dublin airport has done extensive work on their Mezzanine Level which now boasts a range of cafes and restaurants. There is something for almost every taste - from a salad to a Mc Donalds. Now, if they could just do the same with the new terminal... We decided we would like a light Irish Breakfast, but our heads turned at the smell of delicious fresh bread and eggs. I had two eggs on fresh bread. They don't look as good as they tasted. Yum yum yum. They were delicious. And as an added bonus you could refill your coffee as many times as you liked. This is great if you find you are delayed for a while. (Of course, having to use the loo ten times on a short flight is a bit of a down side!). The staff were very friendly, and the area was quite clean - especially with the high volume of customers. We didn't find it hard to get seats and all in all found it a good experience. The only down side was the charge. I have never figured out why it is acceptable to overcharge in airports. Compared to the old prices when there was a monopoly on dining in the airport the prices were low, and also when compared to other International airports (Denmark is still the most expensive I have experienced so far). However, if I got the same bill from a local cafe I'd have been furious.
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Dublin International Airport
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