International Terminal, Charles de Gualle Airport
International Terminal, Charles de Gualle Airport
Charles de Gualle airport is huge, so there may be other food spots. I am reviewing the one in the International Terminal. There is an interesting circular layout, which is good in that it opens a huge area while not making you feel like you are eating in an aircraft hanger. The general cleanliness is quite good, and the staff at the various counters were quite helpful. From a breakfast perspective they didn't have a huge amount on offer. There was a sandwich place where we got coffee (nice coffee but not cheap) that had rolls for around five euro. They didn't look appetising and I got the feeling they had been sitting there since the day before. Further along there was a hippo restaurant which I have heard does good food but as it wasn't open I can't say. Last in the circle was the old favourite (???) McDonalds. Now, I am no fan of McDonalds. To be honest I would rather go hungry 90% of the time than eat their food. But, it was early, we were hungry and their bacon smelt great. We got the "Petite Dej" which is a sort of toasted roll with egg and bacon. Oh my God! It was delicious. I can't believe I am writing a good review for Mc Donalds, but this breakfast roll thing they do in France is something else. It was like a mini Irish Breakfast Roll with the most fantastic bacon. As with most Mc Donalds food it was very cheap, so I can't even complain about that! All in all, it was the best option for a Breakfast early in the morning in CDG airport. Note: by the time I boarded the plane I was hungry again.
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