Stephanies Cafe and Restaurant
Stephanies Cafe and Restaurant
Stephanies is a modern, well furnished cafe located on Leonards Corner on the South Circular Road at the junction with Clanbrassil St. When I walked into it I immediately got the impression that this was a nice comfortable place where I would be able to relax for a while. There were only three other people in the cafe with lots of free tables. I had passed it a couple of weeks before on a different day of the week and it was almost full then so I was glad to see all the room when I stopped in there today. Checking the menu I was also happy to note the Full Irish Breakfast which seemed to have it all. Within a minute of sitting down by the window overlooking the crossroads the waiter was up to the table with a pot of tea for me to enjoy while I was waiting for the breakfast to follow. This was definitely a good sign. Also it was a good large pot. It was so big that I had even expected to get a third cup out of it but in the end it held just two. The breakfast, which came shortly afterwards both looked and tasted good. There were two rashers, two sausages, one black and one white pudding, a hashbrown, fried egg, mushrooms and a tomato along with a basket with two slices of toast cut into triangles and Mitchelstown butter. Unfortunately the fried egg seemed to have been dropped into the pan from a great height. It was spread out far and wide and was too thin to preserve any reservoir of runnyness in the yolk. I was also sad to see that the sausages were the standard ones out of a packet. While they tasted ok, there was nothing spectacular about them. Some good butchers sausages would have been a big improvement here. Glancing out the window I noticed a butchers directly opposite the cafe with its shutters down. Perhaps if the two businesses co-operated it might be to their mutual advantage. While the sausages were just average the rasher was damn fine. Damn fine. If it was crispier I wouldn't have complained but as it was it was good too. The hash brown was excellent. It was probably the nicest, tastiest, crispiest hash brown I've ever tasted. If Carlsberg made hash browns this is how they would probably taste. As for the black and white pudding the black pudding was good but the white pudding was wonderful. There was a lovely spicy taste to it that was really worth savouring. While some of the ingredients, namely the egg and sausages could have been done better, this was a breakfast that managed to be greater than the sum of its parts. The overall effect of the breakfast was very pleasant. Having the extra cup of tea to wash down the meal was a great plus. The price came to €9.80. While I was charged €9.90 in Moda in Rathmines the previous week and felt hard done by, I was happy to pay it to Stephanie. Whoever she is, she knows how to put a good breakfast together and serve it in nice, comfortable surrounding.
The Venue
Stephanies Cafe and Restaurant
Leonards Corner, South Circular Road
Dublin 8