Random Review
Sage Cafe Limerick
I was visiting Limerick, a city I used to live in, back in July and arrived early in the morning. As a reviewer of breakfasts the first thing I did when planning the trip was to ask around friends for recommendations for where to grab a bite early in the day in Limerick.

The word came back that the Sage Cafe on Catherine Street did a good one so I made my way there.

Clean, bright, friendly staff. All a good start. Free paper to have a read? Excellent!

I checked the menu, which was ample, and ordered their standard breakfast - Crispy bacon, Irish sausages, black and white pudding, grilled tomato and egg of your choice (I got poached). This was priced at €6.95 which I felt was an excellent price for what arrived (see pic).

I also ordered an orange juice and a coffee. So I had my juice while reading the paper, and then got 3 slices of nice bacon, pudding, a lovely poached egg (must have been free-range, as taste was exquisite), and 2 sausages. I was offered toast or bread with this and went for some of their tasty home-made brown bread. Good choice by the way!

I could not have been happier with the food, the service and I used the bathroom also and found it clean. What got me a little peeved was the bill. The juice and coffee must have come in at €3 each give or take, as the final bill was 13 or 14 euro. I don't mind the price, but it came as a shock when I was so happy with the cheap main part of the meal.

I will definitely go back here the next time I am in Limerick. A real gem. The only thing is I may skip the juice or the coffee...
The Venue
The Sage Cafe
67-68 Catherine Street