Random Review
Spar, Lower Abbey Street
There is a certain time of year. Let's call it pre-Christmas. During this time there is a lot more socialising than there is the rest of the year. So, in the rush to fit in the extra jack Daniels and coke, or whatever tipple you are partaking of, you find yourself not only slightly hung over but also realising your stomach is empty because you were too sloshed on the way home to fill up on a greasy fish and chips. This is the time when the Irish breakfast roll comes into it's own. Yes, it descends from heaven on a big white cloud and wraps your head in cotton wool and sooths your stomach. OK Maybe that's a bit over the top, but lets face it - when you are hungry and hung over there is nothing quite like gorging yourself on a breakfast roll. You know you shouldn't, you know it's bad for you. You know the bacon i just going to have you even more de-hydrated all day. But you still have it. And God is it good! This breakfast roll was from the Spar shop beside the LUAS stop on Lower Abbey Street (just off O'Connell Street). The staff were relatively friendly, although more friendly to each other while they chatted away paying just enough attention to me to find out what I was ordering. I asked for a breakfast roll with egg, rashers and sausages. My stomach just wasn't up for the pudding today. I had it in a bap which was soft and fresh. The bacon was thick cut and there were two strips. For my taste I'd have preferred if it was cooked a couple of minutes more but that was OK. There were three sausages, where most places only add two so that was a plus. The egg was those mini omelettes which so many places have. I have never been a fan. Why not just fry the damn eggs? Anyhow, the roll was euro4.50 which is pretty good value, especially in the city centre.
The Venue
Lower Abbey Street
Dublin 1
John G