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Ramada Encore Hotel, Oranmore
We recently stayed in the Ramada hotel in Oranmore. Lovely hotel, great staff, and great views. Overall we have 3 breakfast reviews which we will post over the coming weeks. This is the first, which is their buffet breakfast. The buffet breakfast as an idea is always popular with me, as you get the breakfast you want, not what someone else thinks you want. In the hotels one you had a choice of cereal, fruit (and fruit with yogurt in a bowl), apple and orange juice, and the special stuff - the Irish breakfast. That offered sausages, rashers, poached egg, mushrooms, hash browns and tomato. Toast, tea and coffee were also available. In the interest of research I had a healthy mix of all! Overall impression was very good. I personally love a friend egg as part of my Irish Breakfast, so was a bit disappointed with the poached, but the mushrooms were a delicious addition you don't get too often. All the food was hot, but a bit greasy as is normal with buffets as the food is stacked in large quantities and unless you get the top ones fresh from the kitchen the grease trickles down and reminds you of how unhealthy this meal can be. Also, the quality of the raw ingredients wasn't as top-notch as some other hotels we have reviewed, but at the same time they were better than quite a lot too. Generally I would find my rating of the buffet breakfast as the upper end of the middle ground - about a 3 on a 1 to 5 scale.
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Ramada Encore Hotel