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Eddie Rockets, Airport Travel Lodge, Cork City
On route to West Cork we stayed in the Cork Airport Travel Lodge hotel, and as there was an Eddie Rockets attached (as in, you didn't even need to leave the building!) we had breakfast there. The breakfast menu was quite substantial which I was impressed with, but the prices were quite expensive for what we got. I had the full Irish (how unusual!) which is shown here. It had some fried potato which had seen better days but was still tasty with a sprinkle of salt. The fried egg was perfectly presented but was definitely not free range. I was quite surprised that the egg was such a processed tasting factory egg - why would someone skimp on the few pence that would make such a difference to a breakfast? My dissatisfaction continued when I bit into the piece f charcoal cunningly disguised as black pudding. Sorry, isn't Cork (Clonakilty) the home of the worlds best black pudding? So why oh why are they serving charcoal instead? It wasn't all bad. The sausages were tasty, there were a few strips of streaky bacon and toast and coffee were thrown into the deal. Staff were very friendly and smiley too. I was both surprised and impressed with the originality of using a thin slice of melon and half a strawberry for garnish.
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