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Tastei Citchen
Tastei Citchen is located on Berkeley Road in Phibsborough, not far from the Mater Hospital, and is convenient for bus connections and the new Dublin Bikes network. My companions and I met for a business lunch, the intention of which was to set us up for the rest of the day, an aim that was deemed to have been resoundingly achieved by all present.

The ambience of the restaurant was relaxed and genuine, with GAA posters adorning the walls and, in particular, a hand-written ongoing chart of Sligo's progress in the 2010 National Football League Division Three. This is the level of commitment to the cause that ensures quality nosebag will be forthcoming.

The menu is a sheet of laminated white A4, folded in half to give four sides of saliva-gland-arousing tastiness, all reasonably priced. However, our eyes were only for the box on the front page which read, Small Breakfast at 6.00, Large Breakfast 7.00. My companions ordered the Large Breakfast as advertised, consisting of two rashers, three sausages, a fried egg, white pudding, a hash brown, beans, toast and tea (they could have chosen coffee for this last item, but these are men of some class). I ordered the same but swapped the pudding for an extra rasher. The teapots and mugs were unhooked from a display behind the counter and the tea was provided while the fry was cooked, allowing it time to brew and giving us something to do for a minute or two (as if absorbing the surroundings wasn't enough). Before long, three plates emerged and were distributed appropriately. Conversation ceased and eating commenced.

The decision to include beans, which some feel are not traditionally part of the Full Irish, may raise some eyebrows. They are notorious for spreading across one's plate and coating the other fry elements with tomato juice (indeed, another reviewer on this site was subject to bean difficulty upon discovering them in a breakfast roll he purchased from Tastei Citchen). I, however, am a huge fan of beans in a fry, and was not at all upset when an unfortunate knife action on my part caused my egg to leak into my beans. Indeed, I relished the challenge and applied hot buttered toast liberally in a mopping action, resulting in minimal casualties.

Each fry element was cooked to perfection, but the sausages deserve singular praise. Their texture and taste was enough to carry the meal over the line on their own merit, a fact that was brought to my attention by my companions, in case it had bypassed my taste buds (a laughable suggestion).

The atmosphere soaked into us during our brief sojourn so that when we left, we were as relaxed and carefree as the locals who dine there every day. Tastei Citchen is a short way from the city centre by bike or bus, but a million miles away from the overpriced 'eateries' and ghastly slagheaps of salad and sushi often described as 'lunch' by city centre outlets. Here, we were looked after and hope to be looked after again in the very near future. Highly recommended.

Tastei Citchen, Berkeley Road, Phibsborough, Dublin 7, Ireland. *****
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