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Flannary's Great Western Hotel
Flannary's hotel gave us a great breakfast in bed so we decide to check out the one they served downstairs too. The dining room was spacious, well staffed (you were not waiting and they were friendly and cheery), and had lovely morning sun shining in.

The meal itself was self service, although a big plate of toast was dropped down to the table, along with pots of tea and coffee. To start the breakfast we had juice (orange, apple and grapefruit are available) and toast. After that we could have had a bowl of fruit, but instead decided to help the site so had rashers, eggs, and also hash browns, tomato, mushrooms, and some of the best fried eggs we had ever had. If you check the review we had of their breakfast in bed you will see we thought the same there. Just as we were getting ours they brought out a big tray with maybe 30 eggs on it and every single one perfect (soft-ish yoke, hard white). Maybe they have some frying machine. Any ideas how they do it please mail us as we are curious!

In a lot of self service places you feel pressured to eat and go, and not to consider seconds. This was not the case here. The atmosphere was very relaxed, and we lazed over a bowl of cereal each afterwards. I found zero to complain about with the food and staff. So in a search for a down side - I don't think you could buy a paper in the hotel. Always nice to read the headlines over coffee after a big Irish breakfast.
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Flannary\'s Great Western Hotel
Dublin Road