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Via Luigi de Maio, Sorrento
Looking for a fry-up in Sorrento? Try the cafe on Via Luigi de Maio; cannot recall the name as my head was hanging off me (the morning after a night of scoops in a great little psuedo Irish bar called Chaplans on Corso Italia). It's situated in Piazza S'Antonino and is the only 'snack bar' there. Not the greatest fry-up I've had - I had sausages, bacon , chips and toast, but then again it's tough finding a decent one outside Ireland\UK. Also a little expensive (about 15 for solids, 4 for tea and 4.50 for orange juice - crazy prices). Anyhoo, it did the job for me. Service is good and the place is very relaxing with seats outside on the square.
The Venue
Via Luigi de Maio
Tony W