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The Earl
The Earl is a traditional cafe on North Earl St, just off O'Connell St. I popped in here at 10:30 this morning tempted by the chalkboard outside which declared "Breakfast now being served". The breakfast menu was well laid out with four breakfast options, numbered one to four with gradually increasing portions. I settled on Breakfast Number 3, priced €8.40, which seemed to have a bit of everything, paid and took my seat where I sat down and looked at my little pot of tea while I waited for the breakfast to be brought to me. The teapot contained just slightly over one cup of tea, which I thought was a little bit mean. Surely a two-cup teapot wouldn't put anybody out of business. Within only a few minutes of sitting down the breakfast was served. It did indeed have a bit of everything: One sausage, one rasher, one hash brown, one black and one white pudding, one tomato, one fried egg, one portion each of mushrooms and beans and two slices of toast. While most of ingredients tasted well there was nothing in particular that could be said to stand out. The sausage was just the standard one of the type that is served nearly everywhere. In fact I was glad there was only one of them. Surely lots of people apart from myself are crying out for good quality butchers sausages? Why then does nearly every cafe, hotel and restaurant in Ireland serve these same miserable red-dye things? The rasher was quite tasty, as was the hash brown and egg while the pudding was just about passable. There was nothing spectacular from the breakfast in The Earl. It was a basic breakfast that did everything you'd expect but didn't over impress.
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The Earl
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